Progressive Newsletter

Germany album review (November 2012)
Progressive Newsletter (
"Although its booming ecstasy is incredibly powerful, blowing through your ear canals with a barrage of distortion, Philosopher Queen still retains a compositional depth that sometimes sounds like a hyped-up horror soundtrack, and, at other times, conveys a psychedelic feeling of apocalypse."

LA Record

US dark/heavy demo review (July 2011)
LA Record (

"...At its very soul, this is an album of acid-scorched psychedelia barreling straight out of the 1960s...But HWE takes these psychedelic roots and gnarls them into something much darker and, for lack of a better word, heavier...The ability to coalesce so many obscure and wonderful influences into such a cohesive mixture requires a level of geek cred that borders on inhuman."


Bad Acid

UK dark/heavy demo review (December 2010)
Bad Acid Magazine (

"These dudes have a couple of albums under their belt and some rave reviews to accompany them. But with this demo they have lifted their heads from the somewhat 60's sounding Floyd meets Sabbath heavy psych to a more disorienting and solid fuzz meltdown. In my opinion their best material yet, and a direction I would love to see them explore further."



Classic Rock Society pic

UK album review (August 2010)
Classic Rock Society (

"The occasional whiff of Barrett's Floyd comes to mind, but if you mix the trippier RPWL with Kula Shaker's psychedelia, give a heavy guitar and bass-led mellow and occasionally melancholic edge, then you might have an idea of HWE's sound."



Hellride pic

US album review (July 2010)
Hellride Music (

"Welp, it's nice to hear a local band (that'd be So Cal) in the psychedelic vein. It's nicer still to hear one that has picked itself up by it's platform shoe straps and rallied enough pioneering imaginative spirit to break out of the Blue Cheer/Black Sabbath Stepford Stonerrock family and craft something unique...Heavy Water Experiments make compelling, imaginative psychedelic music you don't actually need psychotropics for."


NBT pic

Germany album review (July 2010)
Next Big Thing (

"Never clumsy enough to be mistaken for simple hard rock, never bland enough to please those that seek the new age as a refuge from the difficult, it is an invitation to let go, to ride the hallucination bare back, to get fierce, to go crazy...a LOT to discover here."


Folk World pic

Germany album review (July 2010)
Folk World (

"At the first hearing, it is clear why the duo experiments with heavy water (D2O). Their pictorial band name describes the unusual sound perfectly. The music is thick yet light, with brutal guitar riffs, bass lines--and heavy rock rhythms are associated with hypnotic vocals and psychedelic guitars and keyboard sounds. The songs are reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, The Beatles, but also the heavier rock of Black Sabbath. Melbye has a beautiful voice, screaming or crying, but never compromising the rough edges of the musical accompaniment, which makes for a fascinating sound...the idea of Syd and Iommi in perfect cosmic union is a nice one...drums, vocals and 8-string-bass/electric guitar divided up in unexpected and possibly physically improbable ways."

US live review (May 2010)
The OC Weekly (

"...the idea of Syd and Iommi in perfect cosmic union is a nice one...drums, vocals and 8-string-bass/electric guitar divided up in unexpected and possibly physically improbable ways."


US single review (April 2010)
The Ripple Effect Blog (

"Heavy Water Experiments is one of those bands that have never been easy to pigeon-hole. Going back to when they were known as Imogene, I remember listening to them and thinking, 'They’re heavy, but melodic; loose and spacey, but progressively complex.' HWE will always challenge the most discerning music listener, at the same time as they create a rich textural sound to have humming away in the background of one’s daily activities."


US single review (April 2010)
Impose Magazine (

"What we've got here is a glorious '60s/'70s inspired racket that bristles with careening, radio-ready melodies underpinning a muscular rhythm section and squealing acid-rock bluster."


In Drag pic

Sweden album review (February 2010)
In Drag (

"HWE has found something all their own in an ocean of references both known and obscure. Poppy, heavy psychedelia with hit potential. A dangerous combination, but here dangerous is good."


France album review (February 2010)
Le Cri du Coyote Magazine (no website available)

"...a music somewhere between Pink Floyd and California groups like Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead...the sound is nice..."


Sweden album review (January 2010)
Groove Magazine (

"Many are trying to fit HWE into a stoner rock category.  This is wrong.  HWE is so much more...This is dark and heavy psychedelia with a relaxed undertone.  And I especially like how the music whirls around in a fantastic, liquid way."


Italy album review (January 2010)
Heavy Metal (

"...a crossing of Pink Floyd and Kyuss with melancholy touches..."


UK album review (December 2009)
Maverick Magazine (

"This debut album strives to present an original take on rock music, and for the most part it succeeds without going too far out on a limb... An album that needs to be listened to over and over again to absorb all the soundscapes."


Belgium album review (November 2009)
Concrete Web (

"Even though this album is one year old that doesn't mean that it's not worth mentioning. On the contrary: It is absolutely worth recommending again and again! All in all 12 tracks on this album that gives you a mindblowing journey through time and space in many dimensions. Essentially the quality of music lasts throughout the album and no song will stand out above the rest, but the consistency of excellence is penetrating throughout."


Sweden album review (October 2009)
Red Hot Rock Magazine
(no website available)

"The power pop references are frequent and The Beatles has doubtlessly influenced the band's music. The clever riffs are abundant, and I find the bass playing particularly lively."


Italy album review (October 2009)
Il Popolo del Blues (

"A peculiar bend of heavy sounds with influences spanning from Pink Floyd to Nick Drake...Those who appreciate heavier rock or metal interpreted with originality will be delightfully surprised by this album."

Netherlands album review (September 2009)
Heaven Magazine (

"The album is a first class recommendation for those who are into powerpop, but also if you are into stoner rock, the album has lots to offer. Great melodies, excellent vocals and spacy sounds. This debut album is a perfect blend between rock and pop with respect for 40 years of music history."


Australia album review (August 2009)
Life Music Media (

"HWE offer an extraordinary debut album...There is a richness here that offers a renewed listening experience with each play. 4 stars!"


Sweden album review (August 2009)
Melodic (

"The music on this self titled album is mainly built on the cornerstones of the late 60's Pink Floyd era and The Beatles Revolver album."


UK album review (August 2009)
Sonice Dice (

"Deriving influence from a number of sources, Heavy Water Experiments have still managed to produce a sound that is very much their own. With this début release they will hopefully receive the attention its quality so richly deserves."


US live review (July 2009)
LA Buzz Blog (

"Indeed, the bottom heavy grooves and mesmerizing melodies Heavy Water Experiments pump out are the result of some powerhouse musicianship combined with roof-rattling riffs and thoughtful arrangement...Live, the ensemble can swell up to six people creating music that relies on chops and originality instead of resorting to effects, gimmicks, and retro-posings."


Belgium album review (August 2009)
Keys & Chords (

"As an alternative to chemical substances, organic musical brews combine here to achieve a trancelike state."

UK album review (August 2009)
Rock Realms (

"This eponymous album is a love it or hate it affair. It isn't really music; it's more of an experience."


Australia album review (July 2009)
Dirty Rock Magazine (

"Be prepared to be transported to a higher plain when you listen to Heavy Water Experiments.  This debut is a huge slab of 60s inspired, acid-tripping psychedelic prog rock.  Spacey, airy, atmospheric, floating, ambient, all these could be used to describe this album.  Melodic, vibrant bass lines, fuzzy space riffs and understated drum patterns to heighten the senses are the order of the day but you need to be in the right state of mind…how you approach that is up to you."


Italy album review (July 2009)
Raw & Wild (

"Here and there I am reminded of The Meat Puppets and Kyuss.  Digging deeper into the past one hears Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, and Black Sabbath.  Too many irons in the fire you’d say?  Probably.  However, this mixture of genres is perfect...a hypnotic journey."

Sweden album review (July 2009)
Andy Flash (

"The whole of the record is very good with lots of great playing, singing, and a very fitted production (wish it were on vinyl) ."

UK album review (July 2009)
Vanguard Online
( )

" has a mesmerizing and incapacitating effect on me without the aid of any chemical enhancement."

US album review (June 2009)
Danger Dog Music Reviews

"Heavy Water Experiments is a huge dose of unclassifiable sedation-inducing psychedelic progressive rock, which is best characterized by a suspicious inaccessibility and the author's own musical self-absorption. But it's never dull. Recommended!"


Uzbekistan album review (June 2009)

"Personally I found this creation to be a fascinating and compelling affair...a charming one that does add some refreshing new elements to a genre overly populated by emulators these days. And with well thought out and performed songs that are both memorable and contain enough twists and turns to have staying power, this is an easy recommendation to make for those who find heavy psychedelic rock interesting."


US album review (June 2009)
Prog Archives

"The band's self-titled debut album contains vintage influenced psychedelic hard rock with a distinct mainstream tinge to it. Music hard to categorize, but well received by critics and listeners alike."


Germany album review (June 2009)
Electric Magic
( )

"If you like tripping on neo-psychedelic sounds, you will be well-served with this album!"

US album review (June 2009)
Big Takeover Magazine

"On its debut, HWE draws heavily from the more atmospheric sounds of '60s acid rock and '70s prog. But instead of merely spewing out borrowed riffs, the band fuses them into its own sonic sphere. Bandleader David Melbye skillfully weaves acoustic and electric guitars and 8-string bass around a skein of warm electric piano and his own quietly soulful singing. Add in his overtly melodic songsmithery and a devotion to beauty over bad trips, and the result is stunning contemporary psych tunes such as "Otherland," "Clairvoyance," and "Conflagration Song." Making even the cliches (like the obligatory Middle Eastern-inflected acoustica of "Octavian") sound fresh, they paint enough of their own patterns on the classic chassis to claim this music as its own."


Belgium album review (June 2009)
Mazz Musikas Freezine
(no website available)

"The most spacey disc of the month."

Hungary album review (June 2009)
Hi Fi City (

"This album is without frontiers..."


Netherlands album review (June 2009)
Moors Magazine (

"This is far from simply another dull retro band since these guys are way too good. HWE create a beautiful, hypnotic sound."

Belgium album review (June 2009)
Roots Time (

"As if in a chemistry lab, HWE experiment with sounds and instruments, combining them meticulously into a new sound...these 'Heavy Water Experiments' might create some big waves in the musical landscape."


UK album review (May 2009)
Classic Rock Magazine (

UK album review (May 2009)
Whiserpin' and Hollerin' (

"A fine album."


Belgium album review (May 2009)
American Music Belgium (

"Recommended Albums of 2009"


US album review (April 2009)
The Obelisk ( )

"There's nothing especially retro in their sound, which is refreshing in these days of hyper-stylization, but the calming effect Heavy Water Experiments has on the listener with its soft-water washes is overwhelming in a classic rock sense nonetheless. They've pulled the ideology into a modern context in other words...The duo's knack for pop construction and maintained rock edge balance each other well and make Heavy Water Experiments a unique entity--the rare flower growing in the land of monsters."

US album review (April 2009)
Rock Is Life (
"A very captivating CD."


Netherlands album review (April 2009)
Mario's Metal Mania (

"If you like dark music with a psychedelic character, then listen to this album."


Germany album review (April 2009)
Heavy Magazine (no website available)

"A declaration of war against the uninspired..."


US album review (March 2009)
Stoner Rock Album Reviews (
"It's doubtful there'll ever be a band that 'out-Floyds' Pink Floyd, nor a Sabbath protege that usurps their (classic era) mentors. Luckily there are latter day retro saints like L.A.'s Heavy Water Experiments that completely ignore the bar and focus on expanding their core instead of endlessly pilfering songs."


UK album review (March 2009)
Classic Rock Magazine (
"Picture CSN&Y (or possibly Midlake) mixed with Queens of the Stone Age. Yep, this duo is unusual, to say the least. The LA pair describe themselves as avant-psychedelic merchants, but we prefer the term 'mellifluous stoner rock.' Holy shit--it's a brand-new prog-rock sub-genre!"


Germany album review (February 2009)
Heavy Hardes (
"Here, a magnificent and extremely independent sound between heavily digestible pop and drug-induced desert rock is celebrated."


Germany album review (February 2009)
Progressive Newsletter (
"The album's dark atmosphere is the right soundtrack for a long ride through endless deserts."

EU album review (January 2009)
Gnosis (
"Funny task to pin down an appropriate tag for these freaks (stated positively, that is)! (Softly) Stony post-grunge-psych-rock? Proggy-space-pop with haunting vocal harmonies? A surprisingly effective mix of vintage and modern sounds? All of the above? Well, why not, after all!"


UK album review (January 2009)
Mood Swings (
"It is the sort of music that seems to wrap itself around and envelopes you...So we are talking psychedelic rather than progressive rock. And yet, at times I can imagine their music being received as indie pop...I'm on board for the full ride through its fuzzy bass-laden soundscape."


Serbia album review (January 2009)
Barikada (
"This self-titled album is one of most enjoyable products released in 2008, if we are speaking about releases with psychedelic approach."

US album review (January 2009)
Sea of Tranquility (
"It is to be hoped that Heavy Water Experiments will be around long enough to deliver a follow-up to this excellent debut album. The only reason that it won't feature in my Top 25 for 2008 is that I'd already sent my list. "

US album review (January 2009)
Glide Magazine (
"Heavy Water Experiments feel heavy without being heavy. They deal more in ambient soundscapes than big guitar and keyboard flourishes, making for psychedelic trips that get well inside your gray matter before you can be consciously aware of what's happening."

UK album review (January 2009)
Terrascope (
"HWE manage to create one hell of a racket whilst demonstrating deft touches of lightness and melody on tracks such as "Clairvoyance" and "Solitude." "Neverlove" has a wonderful riff and a deep, psychedelic heart, whilst the final track "Book Coloured Blue" is a long slow dive into the vortex, the excellent sound augmented (as on the rest of the album) by the use of an eight-stringed bass, giving the album a warm rich texture. Beautifully layered, this is an album of strong songs that becomes richer each time you hear it."

US album review (December 2008)
Reviewer Magazine (

"Indie, psychedelic, and shoegaze all wrapped up in this beautiful CD. Each track gets better and better till it's filled with noise orgasms...I cannot even compare this band to anyone. They are so original and true to their sound. Each pulsating beat and trippy melody gets you lost among tracks and vocals of indie rock personality. "

France album review (December 2008)
Highlands Magazine (


Belgium album review (December 2008)
Rock Tribune (

"...HWE is influenced by bands like Mercury Rev, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath... the songs are complex, beautifully structured with an ear for detail and diversity...this album will take the listener on a musical journey full of surprises...."

Netherlands album review (December 2008)
Planet Trash (

"The sound from this album is heavier than the last release--with more distortion and fuzz. At the same time, you also can hear more acoustic guitars. It’s one big psychedelic trip. Those who liked the last album will love this one. "

US album review (November 2008)
Bootleg Magazine

"The concoction is like a delayed reaction, the band's excellent use of restraint works as a surprise attack to the ears. With each track there's the expectation of something about to explode. The effect is that it keeps prodding the ear, remaining at ease while making us think something's about to take off running...Heavy Water Experiments has put together an inventive and rigid ride of funky, gritty pop that serves both sides favorably. "


US album review (November 2008)
Delusions of Adequacy

"The self-titled debut by Heavy Water Experiments cooks up choice blends of psychedelic, sludge, and acid rock. This motley combination of classic genres blooms darkly sweet in this LA duo's capable hands...this album is a compelling listen for indie rock fans. "

France album review (November 2008)

"Progressive rock and psychedelic art-rock form the core of their musical vision along with more contemporary ideas tinted by stoner rock or even post-rock. The resulting mixture is very tasty and succeeds beyond all expectations...To make your mouth water, imagine the following recipe: a little Radiohead, a good spoonful of Black Sabbath, three pinches of Pink Floyd, a layer of Doors, and then a preparation that finally hints at Queens of the Stone Age. Frankly, the resulting dish could only turn out delicious, and it is!"


US album review (November 2008)

"The self-titled debut by Heavy Water Experiments cooks up choice blends of psychedelic, sludge, and acid rock. This motley combination of classic genres blooms darkly sweet in this LA duo's capable hands. Despite some weak spots, this album is a compelling listen for indie rock fans."


B elgium album review (November 2008)
Music In Belgium

"In general, the compositions can be described as 'melancholic' and are often haunting...they play on your emotions, creating a seductive atmosphere with a rich palette of sounds, which includes some heavy shades...the production quality takes us thirty years back to a more groove-oriented period that is psychedelic at the same time. The results are without any doubt both intriguing and appealing."

US album review (November 2008)
Prog Naut

"In the past year, I had the pleasure of reviewing albums of David's other bands, Imogene and Fuzz Beloved, and I must say he came up with his best material on Heavy Water Experiments. This is probably one of 2008's lesser known releases, which is sad because it's a great album! Highly recommended? You got that right, man!"

Greece album review (October 2008)
Metal Perspective

"Every now and then you come across a brilliant album by some band that you have never heard of before. That is when words become meaningless and seem weak to describe true beauty. That is the case here. Don't waste your time reading the rest of the review; just go out and buy a copy of Heavy Water Experiments' self-titled album...Are you still reading? Have you still not been persuaded that is one of the best albums of the year? Then this review has failed its aim."

Netherlands album review (October 2008)
Rock Advice

"Jesus, this is a brilliant cd!...This album is a fine collection of heavy psychedelic grooves, infectious melodies and great extended stoner jams. But beware...this is not jamming for the sake of jamming. There is plenty of space between the heavy bass, the acoustic guitars, the ambient keyboard passages and conscious drums for the songs to come to life...Twelve top class tracks, more than 1 hour of great music. David's voice is so hypnotic, the music is beautifully layered and the songs are so well crafted that I can only end by saying: respect."

Belgium album review (October 2008)
Rock Report

"Listen to aforementioned bands and you’ll know what I mean: they all have the singer(s) to make the absolute difference with the rest of the competition. Well, I think I've just listened to another band that has the potential to make that very difference and it’s Heavy Water Experiments...It is a daring record that unveils its secrets in small bits and pieces but for the listener it is all the more rewarding."


UK album review (October 2008)
Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"It is hard to pin down exactly where HWE lie in the great pantheon of music. There is a definite psychedelic edge to the music, but it does not fit in with what I suspect a lot of people's impression of psych music sounds like. The same could be said of the progressive elements. The group themselves recognize this and have come up with some inventive and amusing descriptors such as: Pink Sabbath, Doorphine, and Radio Queens Of The Stone Head! What is more, they are quite apt as each of the bands represented in these unholy amalgamations can be identified in sections of the HWE album. However, and what is important, they don't exactly sound anything like any of the groups."

US album review blog (October 2008)
We Heart Music

"I thought one of the more amusing names they used to describe their sound is 'Pink Sabbath,' which is a very good self-description of the band: a cross between Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath...'Anodyne' is the stand-out track for me. Melbye's vocals come in loud and clear on this track and the waves and waves of guitar and sound layers come up at crucial points."

Germany album review (October 2008)
Prog Freak

"If you're into interesting, thoughtful music with the desire to be different both in songwriting and instrumentation...please check this out, it's really good stuff."

US album review (September 2008)

"Droning riffs, swirling melodies, raw production—Heavy Water Experiments is a true form of psychedelic rock. While most bands feature electronica overtones and sampling/loops to enhance the sound, this LA-based group has real musical textures to entice the musical atmosphere...A highly recommended modern psych release, not to mention that these guys are an excellent mainstay within the indie/college rock world as well."


Denmark album review (September 2008)
Lowcut (

"Some tracks are really indie pop stuff and others are really interesting psychedelic rock music. Some of it is quite hypnotic and I admit to being pulled in...the tracks I did like were really excellent."


US album blog (September 2008)
Heavy Planet (

"New Band to Burn One To--Heavy Water Experiments: Today, I have an awesome band for you guys to check out. They are called Heavy Water Experiments and hail from sunny Los Angeles, California... "

US album blog (September 2008)
Ear Taste (

"Heavy Water Experiments allows me to fantasize what life would be like if psychedelic music had won over reality. I am in heaven."


US album review (August 2008)
Upstarter Punk Reviews (

"The new self-titular release proffers up 12 groove heavy, jam length (mostly) tracks. I suggest listening to it in the dark with headphones on so you can pick up all the nuances, and if you have one, fire up the lava lamp and let the trippy jams play on."

US album review (July 2008)
Music Street Journal (

"...this is a killer album that's both progressively challenging and catchy."

US album review (July 2008)
Good Blades (

"...imagine the most experimental stages of Queens of the Stone Age clashing with Floyd. A constantly surprising and eclectic treat, drawing on so many different influences it's impossible to track them down. The genius of Muse can be heard mirrored with the fluid like vocals also similar to those of bizarre French-Anglo band We Yes You No...I want to get lost in the desert with this band, it's a crazy good album: put it on, crank it up, take the pill, lie back, enjoy."

US album review (July 2008)
The Ripple Effect (

"...a beautifully layered slab of bubbling emotion that breathes...a tripped-out night in a opium den...Musical notes dance through the air like smoke from a hookah pipe...full of heavy, psychedelic groove, infectious melodies, and extended stoner jams, this is the kind of music that you can't listen to just once...through all of these musical styles, they've still made the music accessible to the masses..."


HWE "Drops" (formerly "Imogene") album reviews

HWE Drops


US album review (May 2008)
Racket Mag (

"...if you're looking for a unique sound for all your stoner rock needs, here you are.

US album review (April 2008)
Punk News (

"...if a band ever deserved the 'stoner rock' label, it would be these guys...the grooves beg to zone out to, and the smooth drifting vocal melodies won't harsh your mellow...unique instrumentation...Pink Floyd and Yes come to mind, and the swimming vocal effects recall the most psychedelic of the Beatles' fare..."

France album review (March 2008)
Acid Dragon (

"...dark psychedelic intriguing collection of melodic rock...well worth a listen..."

US album review (February 2008)
Prognaut (

"While the band has quite an experimental side, they also have an accessible a perfect world, they would get heavy rotation on radio and video stations...equal parts art, pop, prog, psych and alternative. I would recommend this debut release to fans of modern progressive rock..."

Uzbekistan album review (January 2008)
Progessor (

"The arrangements seem to mesmerize the listener...the first seven tracks all burst out of the speakers, like convulsions of nature...tight and rhythmically complex...enough individuality to keep from falling into the category of imitators...quality modern mainstream Prog Rock..."

Belgium album review (December 2007)
Entrepot (

"...unmistakably a rock band, but with a unique sound... very groovy and heavy...Stoner rock and hippie rock find each other on this freaky CD. Listen to their unique sound yourself..."

US album review (December 2007)
Progressive Ears (

"...just listen to any random song, and you'll hear something different. That's the key success of this album. It manages to reference a lot of well-known and well-liked bands and musical styles, and then combines them in interesting manners to create compact, concise songs that work well together."

Finland album review (November 2007)
Psychotropic Zone ( )

"...Worth checking out! Heavy, emotional and melodic...exquisite and gorgeous electric piano melodies and amazing vocals...The production is superb...the rhythm group creates a hypnotic feel and the harmonious vocals work extremely well...I really like the singer's voice! This is an excellent album in every way...this band could really make it in the indie market..."

Poland album review (October 2007)
MLWZ ( )

"...bits of pop, modern rock, funk, reggae, as well as truly is difficult to pinpoint their style of music...very intriguing...the music of Heavy Water Experiments pulls you in...innovative solutions and modern tones that will leave you with a great deal of satisfaction..."

Germany album review (September 2007)
Jogi's Prog Review ( )

"...Heavy Water Experiments are not slight fare...those who like stoner rock should definitely check out this band..."

US album review (September 2007)
Reviewer Magazine (

"...This is some way-out-there shit, man. I dug it from the very first listen...the only place they should be played is on a college radio station, one that is run by students, not a corporate pretend one - otherwise they'd be totally ruined and the greatness, the outer-world, magic aura about them, will be destroyed...they really have blown my mind...I didn't think that there was anyone out there making any truly original contribution to indie rock music...when something like this record comes along I must make a big fuss about it...a groovy flavor that lasts and lasts and lasts..."

Serbia album review (September 2007)
Barikada (

"Very interesting and original act that simply must get special attention..."

Germany album review (August 2007)
Musik An Sich ( )

"...calm but pulsative songs...enjoyable and sinister...modern psycho-pop at its catchy tune after the absolutely successful debut which makes me look forward to more..."

UK album review (August 2007)
The Dutch Progressive Rock Page (

"Refreshingly original...a few of the tracks could be modern pop songs, if modern pop music was at all concerned with actual interesting, compelling release...a unique sound and approach..."

Italy album review (July 2007)
Versolafine (

"...a thick, warm obscure halo, a dense and opaque atmosphere...dreamy and surreal..."

Belgium album review (July 2007)
Proggnosis (

"...Heavy Water Experiments are unique...their music is groove-orientated, yet they sound heavy, deep and moody...if you like Psychedelic Progressive Stoner Rock, then you can buy this album blindfolded..."

Germany album review (June 2007)
Power Metal ( )

"...You have 'Wasteoids' in your ear. The Spanish lady nods quietly: 'Good music, you have taste'...Who cares how the world works, at least you got taste..listen to the masterly, well-hung debut of Heavy Water Experiments..."

US album review (June 2007)
Music Street Journal ( )

"Whether you call them prog or not, one thing's certain: Imogene have created a unique sound that has a great sense of melody and style. The retro styling and unique perspective are another touch that makes them standout. Whatever the combination or the reason, these guys rock!"

Germany album review (May 2007)
Home of Rock (

"...Psychedelia with alternative, stoner, and neo-garage influences give a basic atmosphere reminiscent of a funky version of Morphine...songs such as 'Paper Dolls' or 'Happy Commuting' are downright hypnotic with their dark and psychedelic direction...making film scores would make a rather promising project for this band..."

France album review (May 2007)
Progressive Waves (

"...An original dish that will delight even your most difficult friends—the same ones that long ago swore by St. Syd Barrett and St. Jim Morrison that nothing good has been recorded since's with great indulgent pleasure that the first work of these Americans is savored...a rare pleasure, a real breath of fresh air in a musical landscape poisoned by conformity and mimicry of the old greats...subtle, refined, and perfect..."

Italy album review (May 2007)
Extra Music (

"...a rather original sound...a bloodline is evident to the Masters of Reality and Queens of the Stone Age--this might please indie music followers, but they are way more hip than that...flowing rivers of velvety fuzz, Hendrix-style..."

Germany album review (May 2007)
Eclipsed Magazine (

"...playful piano and flying organ carpets. The bass line in 'Seraphim' is pure genius. It even gets happy in 'Wasteoids,' which could have been composed by the Beach Boys..."

Brazil album review (May 2007)
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal (

"...Two bass players, one with tons of distortion and a singer from hell? They used to call it 'indie music,' but I think it's more like the new metal meeting the jazz players from the L.A. underground. 'Seraphim' would be an excellent terror movie song, while 'Dark Room' has an interesting pop idea that I really your mind and go into the madness of Heavy Water Experiments..."

Italy album review (May 2007)
Noize Italia (

"...Two bass players, one with tons of distortion and a singer from hell? They used to call it 'indie music,' but I think it's more like the new metal meeting the jazz players from the L.A. underground. 'Seraphim' would be an excellent terror movie song, while 'Dark Room' has an interesting pop idea that I really your mind and go into the madness of Heavy Water Experiments..."

Germany album review (May 2007)
Baby Blaue Prog-Reviews ( )

"...when I say 'laudable effort' I really mean it...Heavy Water Experiments don't simply try to be retro, but assimilate modern sounds into their music...they succeed in putting together a very consistent mixture of psychedelic influences..."

UK album review (April 2007)
Lost Noise Magazine (

"A tie-die of retro keyboards and bass, Heavy Water Experiments has its own sense of reinvention of the rock quartet...complex musical sculptures...a maze of Hendrix, fuzz, and smoke..."

Spain album review (March 2007)
Santo Dealer News (

"This is an ideal album for the skeptics, the pessimists, and those who believe that everything that came before is better...dark shades that transmit emotion in a grand manner...Heavy Water Experiments is a one-way trip through a psychedelic tunnel...the love children of a marriage between Thom Yorke and Tommy Iommi...a degree of originality only the greatest can pull off."

Netherlands album review (February 2007)
Mega Media Magazine (

"They seem to have discovered the band in Belgium, and with good reason we think, because Heavy Water Experiments is a rare band with a very original sound..."

Belgium album review (February 2007)
Rock Tribune (

"...dark-tinted psychedelic rock in which some stoner and garage rock seep through...the 8-string bass of singer/bass player Melbye takes the lead. He plays his instrument like a guitar and gracefully uses the necessary effect pedals with it. The songs are of a very good quality, very calm and simple in structure with a lot of attention to harmony and melody...very enjoyable..."

Belgium album review (January 2007)
Prognose (

"...I hear The Doors, early Pink Floyd, a bit Queens of the Stone Age...early '70s style, very can hear lots of influences, still, it's a very unique sound from a very unique band!"

Belgium interview (January 2007)
Sounds Like (

"Heavy, cracking, squelchy bass lines, dreamy vocals, feathery Fender Rhodes jazz chords. It works wonderfully well..."

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
Live XS magazine (

" introverted, scary way of making music...You can feel the tension...a perfect nocturnal record for creating nightmares."

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
KindaMuzik (

"...enough to torment your sound system's ear-throbbing yet very funky foundation...the keyboards and dreamy, murmuring vocals ensure that the music stays accessible in a satisfying manner...a tasty album for the dark nights ahead..."

UK album review (December 2006)
Hard Rock House (

"...It's certainly difficult to pigeonhole Heavy Water Experiments...there's a lineage that takes you all the way back to the psychedelic overtones of The Doors and Pink Floyd...the combination of the eight and four stringers gives the songs a very different feel...definitely a recommended release and also an intriguing prospect if you can catch them live..."

US album review (December 2006)
Lollipop Magazine (

"These guys are from L.A., but must take trips to the desert...Heavy Water Experiments should be from a hippy commune, or the desert, or the mountains. Some place away from the hustle and bustle, a place where you can smoke up and jam with your friends, a place where the bass can rumble and shake the bong you left on the cabinet...perfect to nod to, in a beanbag chair, staring at the lava lamp..."

Belgium album review (December 2006)
Mindview Magazine (

"...pretty fantastic...a cross between old heroes like Pink Floyd and Booker T. and more modern acts like Morphine and Radiohead, a new genre is born: Stonerlounge! This 4-piece keeps us floating on a mix from jungle, R & B, and psychedelia...Heavy Water Experiments proves that you can chill out perfectly on rock music!!!"

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
Lords of Metal (

"...Heavy Water Experiments is deeply drowned in the druggy psychedelic era 1969-1972, and they developed these influences into slow, dreamy grooves and paced melodies...The band creates a relaxed, yet vaguely mysterious tension that's somewhere between Pink Floyd, Morphine, and '80s neo-psychedelia..."

Belgium Album review (November 2006)
Sounds Like (

"...a strange, psychedelic mood that conjures up an image of a smoky jazz bar around midnight...the gentle, hypnotizing voice of Melbye turns Heavy Water Experiments into an exceptional band...Hail Heavy Water Experiments, the new masters of psychedelic stoner-prog-jazz."

Netherlands album review (November 2006)
Planet Trash (

"...Heavy Water Experiments isn't your average rock band...a marriage between Tool and a funk band produced by Massive Attack - a really original sound that leans toward psychedelic...a beautiful relaxed album that is, in its own strange way, pretty heavy."

Belgium album review (November 2006)
Progressive Homestead (

"...a very attractive rhythmically-driven fuzz bass, and often some Fender Rhodes or other keyboards, which is a relatively simple but powerful foundation for the songs...the songs have a lightness, with a catchy, sunny rhythm - a combination which makes an attractive balance in the group's sound..."

US album review (October 2006)
Stoner Rock Reviews Forum (
"...a band that does it right...there's something magical about the sound that comes off of these guys' combined twelve strings...The bass tones cooked up are thick and fuzzy, and the interplay between them is superbly done. The vocals and keys also play off the bass grooves extremely effectively. These guys have melodies to spare, and often employ harmonies with the vocals that jump out at just the right times. The drum work is right in the pocket at all times. The ace production ties it all together into one great package."


US album review (August 2006)
Nightflying: The Entertainment Guide (
"Dark and moody music this is...most interesting."

US live review (August 2006)
Oklahoma City Gazette
"Heavy Water Experiments is proud of their instruments, and that confidence showed at their performance at the Opolis. Melbye played the 8-string bass in place of a lead guitar, plucking it more like a classical guitar than a lumbering 4-string bass...the warm timbre of the Fender Rhodes stood out and added to a sound that hailed back to psychedelic and proto-punk musicians of the '60s and '70s..."



UK album review (August 2006)
Terrascope (
"Offering dark and angular guitar shapes, Heavy Water Experiments have a fantastically messed-up sound on their self-titled album, which finds new ways of using familiar song structures...the rest of the album has a stoned groove running through it making for a highly enjoyable and coherent release."

US/Euro album review (August 2006)
Losing Today (
"...a heavy psychedelic haze of low-end stoner-fuzz grooves that could act as the soundtrack to a 1973 party where a bong (and possibly your Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd records) is the guest of honor. The group displays some serious musical chops throughout...a band that rocks in a unique way..."


US weekly live pick (July 2006)
Kaffeine Buzz (
"...soothing sounds of ethereal vocals...their sound commands attention while also playing as a canvas for serene fluidity...a delicate and dirty embrace of rhythm and rock."


US weekly live pick (July 2006)
Las Vegas Weekly (

"Shadowy electric piano rules this Los Angeles-based quintet's debut album, which fuses shoegazing spaciness and psychedelic-pop songwriting..."

US album review (June 2006)
Big Takeover Magazine, NYC (
"...heavy-groove, late '80s Manchester/Mondays stuff with harsh, intimidating, fuzzy guitar and trebly, mean bass, countered by nicer keyboards. Add some of the trippy acid casualty hangover of Kula with the trancy numbness of Floyd, Verve, and The Doors with early '70s organs (Rhodes, Wurlitzers, etc.), and Melbye's far-away vocals, and you have something worthwhile and unusual."



UK album review (May 2006)
The Overflow Radio Network (
(CD of the Week)
"Debut album from ultra-groovy alternative rockers Heavy Water Experiments. Plenty of emotion, shaken and stirred with various styles and rhythms... a new sound to be reckoned with!"



UK album review (February 2006)
Whisperin' and Hollerin' (
"...a complete pleasure from start to finish...the confluence of influences succeeds primarily as a result of the quality of the songs, coupled with the lithe and supple flow of the bands rhythm section...All 12 of the album's tracks are concise and accessible...Heavy Water Experiments have their own unique voice...Overall, there is a seemingly effortless but affecting warmth to Heavy Water Experiments's music that soon envelops the listener, creating a vibe that is both comforting and long-lasting well beyond the album's close. A genuine listening pleasure."

US album review (January 2006)
Exoduster (
"Heavy Water Experiments leave no doubt in your mind of their musical intent within the first thirty seconds...That intent is a heavy reliance on distorted bass and keyboards to drive the band to a quasi-stoner psychedelic experience."


US album review (November 2005)
Baby Sue (
"Heavy Water Experiments is a groovy band...melodic pop music infused with cool doses of R&B and psychedelia. Instead of sounding like any one band in particular, the tunes on Heavy Water Experiments sound like a hybrid of hundreds of other artists. Ultimately, however, this band manages to create their own sound by channeling their energies toward one common make quality music."

US album review (November 2005)
Ear Candy Magazine (

"I have seven words for you: 'groovy, riffed-up, and tripped-out ride'...a unique vision and musicality that is very refreshing...This disc is chock-full of some great melodies. The fluttering Rhodes keys, the doubling-up of bass lines and solid simple beats are great...some of the most original stuff I've heard in quite a while...a wonderful disc to chill with if you're into having a fun psychedelic trip-out fest."

US album review (October 2005)
Tastes Like Chicken (

"Come on and get funky with Heavy Water Experiments! This CD is really groovy. It's really laid-back, but heavy enough to keep you interested. When you play this CD, sit in a room with shag carpet and turn on the lava lamps. GRADE: A

UK album review (August 2005)
Subba-Cultcha (
"...a drugged-up voyage into the depths of the unknown...The overall sound is dense, often leaving a pleasant dazed feeling after being fully embraced by the record..undoubtedly an ambitious debut...Heavy Water Experiments have the potential to create something glorious."



US album review (May 2005)
Clickspin (
"Heavy Water Experiments offers silky smooth retro-rock melodies and vocals with positive lyrics - a wonderful departure from many less hopeful contemporary bands. Production quality is superb, highlighting the refined vocal harmonies mirrored by excellent instrumental accents. Any selection on this 12-song CD could be a winner..."

US album review (February 2005)
The Phantom Tollbooth (

" experimental, psychedelic rock record with slight funk and R&B influences, with breathy lead vocals and keyboards scattered liberally over crunchy guitars and groovy's worth keeping a tab on this band's development, especially if you enjoy psychedelic, alternative rock."

UK album review (January 2005)
Dynamite Vision (

"Heavy groove psychedelic rock with some funk roots. Pink Floyd meets Funkadelic? Radiohead meets Queens of the Stone Age? Maybe, but we think they are cooler than that. Sophisticated but edgy, emotive and passionate. Awesome."

US EP/demo review (September 2004)
Aiding & Abetting (

"...Most bands wouldn't dare sound this strange, but Heavy Water Experiments makes it work..."